Highlighted Services

Kitchen & Bath

Cabinetry Design

Cabinetry design is all about the details. Unifying form and function to provide exceptional installations at every level of budget. With our dedication to our client’s vision, we ensure inspiration and guidance every step of the way.

Paint Color Consultations

Color Theory

With the understanding of color, anything is possible! With the deep knowledge  of how the palette affects us, how tones interact with each other and our surrounding spaces, we can guide you on setting the mood to reflect your personality.

Support & Staging

Real Estate

Whether you are buying a new home or considering selling, we can offer a range of services. With a thorough comprehension of the local real estate market, we can support you to ensure you find success! Helping you rethink how you buy, sell and invest!

What is Rise Interiors?

Who we are

Rise Interiors, LLC is an interior design consultation company dedicated to providing exceptional knowledge, expertise and guidance to every one of our clients. With a wide range of services, all structured at an hourly rate, our goal is to help every client find the beauty and potential in their surroundings. With proper insight, product knowledge and inspirational support, we can help you achieve success far beyond your expectations, all while assisting you as little or much as needed throughout the project.

 As a company, we believe in the positive, both physical and mental benefits that our interior spaces can have on us. We also believe that beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean custom.

Beautiful is how something makes you feel. It changes our outlooks, inspires, makes us smile, and in turn can improve how we see the world. We love to help our clients find that beauty and surround themselves with it, no matter the budget.

Conceptual Design

Technical Drawings

Most of us find challenges with our floor plans. Some find that there is too much space and not sure how to efficiently utilize it, and others discover that there’s not enough. Maybe you’re looking to build a new front porch, possibly an addition, or maybe just looking to revise the function of the interior of your home.

Wherever you find yourself on this scale, we can assist you through a strong understanding of space, functionality and creative solutions. With embracing your goals and direction of the project, we will be able to get you one step closer to reality through presentation drawings and developed floor plans. Let us help you get the most out of your home!


Shopping Assistance

When it comes to finishing a space, it’s all in the details. Whether you are planning a trip to the stone yard to select that perfect piece of stone or quartz for your new kitchen, or trying to find the ideal sofa for your new family room, or maybe you are seeking out that perfect light fixture to make that memorable statement. Sometimes we just need a little direction in selecting the right piece for the right space. If you are working to put a space/room together and need that extra guidance in your selections, we can offer direction and knowledge to help transition that space into the room of your dreams.

Finding Inspiration

  • ” Kendra is amazing at what she does. She has handled many revisions from me with grace and kindness. I love her spirit and can do approach and attitude. I would recommend her to any of my clients.”

    Paul Kulp
    Re/Max Advantage Group
  • “We like Kendra’s imaginative design service and we have used her on a couple of remodeling projects in Rhode Island”

    Keith Boyd
    Windsor Masonry LLC