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The Inspiration behind Rise Interiors
Kendra Chatterley

Where it all began…

Kendra Chatterley is a local to Rhode Island. After graduating from St. Mary’s Academy – Bay View, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston. Her background includes work in both commercial, hospitality and residential applications, with a specialty in cabinetry and tile design.

As a company, Kendra seeks to bring interior design to the everyday person. As accommodating a budget is essential to every job, she has developed services based on a flat hourly rate. With her dedication to quality and established connections with local vendors, her goal as a designer is sharing her passion for what she does with every client she works with, ensuring success.

“A client’s success and overall happiness with the outcome of every project is essential, and one of the most fulfilling parts of my job.” – Kendra Chatterley - Founder/Principal Designer

The Inspiration Behind Rise Interiors Through the Eyes of its Founder

Over the last two decades within the interior design profession, I Kendra Chatterley have witnessed a lot of growth. While attending Wentworth Institute in Boston, I had a firsthand experience with the remnants of the Dot.Com financial impact and how it changed the interior design industry. These young companies had purchased the most sought-after locations and filled them with nothing but top of the line custom …

Creative Solutions

Seeing the possibilities and understanding on how to get there.

Technical Drawings

A simple way to bring a space to life. Helping to transform a vision from concept through final installation.

Color Theory Consultation

With decades of experience understanding how colors interact, we can open the door of possibilities and surpass your expectations.

Cabinetry & Tile Design

With stylistic form and detailed function, we offer superior solutions to everyday living.