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At Rise Interiors, we pride ourselves on quality, and we strive to connect our clients with the highest level of resources. As a small business ourselves, it has been imperative to incorporate other small, local businesses into what we do. 

Almost 20 years ago, in the beginning of Kendra Chatterley’s cabinetry career, she began working with a small, family-owned cabinet company out of New York, Modern Cabinet Company. Ever since then, she has found their exceptional quality, exemplary standards and dedication to customer service to be untouchable in the industry.

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Over the years as Kendra developed herself as a designer, they remained the pinnacle of quality on every level. This is why Modern Cabinet Company is the only line carried by Rise Interiors. As the exclusive dealer in Rhode Island, “it was essential that I connect my clients to something that I believe in wholeheartedly,” states Kendra.

As a local vendor only hours away, Modern Cabinet Company is capable of providing cabinetry to accommodate the needs for even the most particular of clients. With their eye for detail, superb quality and financially conscious mindset, they are able to satisfy every cabinetry design from the simplest installations, to even the most elaborate layouts.

Modern Cabinet Company can meet or exceed the standards of the most custom lines on the market, while being able to accommodate the price points of most mid-ranged budgets. The key to working with such an exceptional line is that we can decide piece-by-piece every detail in the space. Saving money where we can while capturing the essential details to ensure your new cabinetry install is not only beautiful, but flawlessly functional

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"Details are not details; they make the product."

– C h a r l e s   E a m e s –

Furniture Designer & Architect (1907-1978)