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Real Estate Services

When you decide to list your home, it is essential that you come to market making the right statement to the right buyer. By incorporating Rise Interiors, we will guide you in the preparation for the property’s listing.  We can assist you in everything from identifying the targeted buyer, to highlighting the architectural qualities of the home, all while providing creative solutions to any existing concerns.

 Through our extensive experience we can offer you all of the needed knowledge and tools to guide you. With an open mind, we can expand the marketability of your home, and in turn potentially increase the sale of the home, while reducing the days on the market. Wouldn’t every homeowner want to be able to sell their home faster, for more money, with less headaches?

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Maybe you are searching for that perfect home, and just can’t seem to find exactly what you’re looking for. At Rise Interiors, we can provide you with hourly consults to include everything from brain storming walk-throughs, floor plan and layout solutions, cabinetry and tile design, and continuing on into paint color selections and finishes. With creative solutions, thinking outside the box, we are able to help you shop for, and develop that “almost perfect home” into something beyond your expectations.

Realtors, do you find yourself with a listing that just seems “stuck” on the market? Do you have clients that need that extra guidance in what that potential home “could be”? At Rise Interiors we pride ourselves in working in conjunction with real estate and construction professionals to assist them with guiding their clients to success.

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Are you a builder or contractor that is currently working with clients on blue prints? Many times home owners need clarification and guidance in the translation of a floor plan to the completed space. Establishing finish selections on a timely schedule is imperative with every job. With the insight from Rise Interiors, we can prepare your clients with confidence to maintain the project stays on track, both through time management and budget. With an extensive background in the design and construction industry, Rise can deliver the support to help any builder or contractor provide the assistance to their clients to guarantee a beautiful finished product, on schedule and on budget.

“As one of Rhode Island’s top 10 real estate teams for sales, one of our most vital tools is Rise Interiors. They have made it possible for our clients to sell their homes at a higher price, faster, comparatively to properties untouched. The value and return on investments make hiring Rise Interiors a no-brainer for both myself and my clients.”

– Emilio DiSpirito IV: Host of The Round Table with Emilio DiSpirito, WHJJ 920 AM –

(Real Estate Finishing, Property Triage, Staging, Spatial Planning, Cabinetry, Tile and Lighting Design)

Kitchen & Bath

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Whether you have just purchased a new home, and are facing a big renovation, or you have been planning your dream kitchen, and now ready to move forward, Rise Interiors can see you every step of the way. With two decades of cabinetry design experience, an eye for detail, and dedication to excellence and quality, we can ensure every bit of investment into the project is thought out to guarantee a beautiful and flawless finished product every time.

Maybe it’s time to tackle that pesky bathroom that has been looming, or you are preparing to build that bar that you’ve always dreamt of, or possibly that long overdue, customized built-in. With extensive experience in cabinetry and tile design, we can assist you through any level of project. No job is too small or too large. With Rise Interiors at your side, you’re ensured success every time!

“Design that works takes patience. Whatever we were thinking for our kitchen was rethought, again and again and again. It takes a designer who really cares to devote the time and creativity that results in a harmonious, beautiful and beautifully functional room. You did that and then some, and it shows!”

– Rick Ottaviano –

(Cabinetry Designs)

Color Consultations

Often times, one of the most simple, yet impactful avenues for improving our interiors is with the inclusion of color. It’s potential is limitless, and yet is one of the most inexpensive options for improvement. The subject of color often intimidates most, but with our help, you will be able to infuse color comfortably into your space. Whether you are looking to select a paint palette for your home, develop a spatial color concept through tile and finishes, or maybe you’re looking to include that bold accent wall and searching for ideas. Through various ways we can help set the mood to reflect your personality and function of the space, while highlighting the home’s architectural details. Let us assist you in finding that inspiration!

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” Why Kendra? The answer is simple: she is lovely, refreshing and a joy to work with! Kendra has worked on several projects for me over the last 5 years…. She has personally created very inviting spaces for my office, spaces that ‘turn heads.’ She has the ability to take a ‘diamond in the rough’ and make it shine.”

– Susan Pagliarini –

(Cabinetry Designs, Color Consultations, Tile Design, Spatial Planning, Finishes)

Technical Drawings

Most of us find challenges with our floor plans. Some find that there is too much space and not sure how to efficiently utilize it, and others discover that there’s not enough. Maybe you’re looking to build a new front porch, possibly an addition, or maybe just looking to revise the function of the interior of your home.

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Wherever you find yourself on this scale, we can assist you through a strong understanding of space, functionality and creative solutions. With embracing your goals and direction of the project, we will be able to get you one step closer to reality through presentation drawings and developed floor plans. Let us help you get the most out of your home!

“Kendra was such a wonderful support to us helping us develop our plans to renovate our home. She really listened to our ideas and provided just the right suggestions to help us on our path!! I can’t wait to post pictures of our new kitchen/great room!”

– Leigh Anne Boyd –

(Spatial Planning, Cabinetry Design)

Shopping Assistance

When it comes to finishing a space, it’s all in the details. Whether you are planning a trip to the stone yard to select that perfect piece of stone or quartz for your new kitchen, or trying to find the ideal sofa for your new family room, or maybe you are seeking out that perfect light fixture to make that memorable statement. Sometimes we just need a little direction in selecting the right piece for the right space. If you are working to put a space/room together and need that extra guidance in your selections, we can offer direction and knowledge to help transition that space into the room of your dreams.

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"Birds are so much wiser than we! A robin builds a nest for robins. A seagull builds a nest for seagulls. They don't copy each other - or build themselves nests as described in The Birds' Decorating Magazine."

– Dorothy Draper –

Interior & Product Designer (1889-1969)