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As one of Rhode Island’s top 10 real estate teams for sales, one of our most vital tools is Rise Interiors. They have made it possible for our clients to sell their homes at a higher price, faster, comparatively to properties untouched. The value and return on investments make hiring Rise Interiors a no brainer for both myself and my clients. Furthermore, Kendra and her team are not only professionals, but they are confident in what they do and all around great people!

– Emilio DiSpirito IV, Real Estate Professional / Homeowner (Real Estate Finishing and Staging, Cabinetry Design, Spatial Layouts, Color Consultations)

Leader of the DiSpirito Team, Real Estate Professionals and Host of “The Round Table with Emilio DiSpirito” WHJJ 920 AM

Design that works takes patience. Whatever we were thinking for our kitchen was re-thought, again and again, and again. It takes designer who really cares to devote the time and creativity that results in harmonious, beautiful and beautifully functional room. You did that and then some, and it shows!

– Rick Ottaviano, Homeowner (Cabinetry Designs)

Why Kendra? The answer is simple; she is lovely, refreshing and a joy to work with!  Kendra is grounded and practical.  Her many talents have created beautiful spaces.  Kendra has worked on several projects for me over the last 5 years including major residential renovations complete with new kitchen and bath designs.  Kendra also transitions well from residential to commercial spaces.  She has personally created very inviting spaces for my office, spaces that “turn heads”.    She has the ability to take a “diamond in the rough” and make it shine.    I look forward to working with Kendra in the future as she always brings value and unique ideas to the table. 

–  Susan Pagliarini , Homeowner (Cabinetry Designs, Tile Design, Color Consultations, Spatial Planning, Finishes)

“We are going to put our house on the market, and Kendra gave us suggestions on how we can make our home more appealing to buyers. She went through every room and presented us with a list of how we could update the home. She was very thorough, noting everything from furniture arrangement, neutralizing colors, lighting and curtains. She was great, and readily available if we had any questions. We appreciate her expertise in decorating!”

– Cindy S., Homeowner (Real Estate Staging)

“Kendra was such a wonderful support to us helping us develop our plans to renovate our home. She really listened to our ideas and provide just the right suggestions to help us on our path!! I can’t wait to post pictures of our new kitchen/great room!”

– Leigh Anne Boyd , Homeowner  (Spatial Planning, Cabinetry Design)

Kendra has helped me with designing 2 bathrooms and advice on colors throughout my house. She has also helped me with staging my house. She is professional, extremely helpful and a delight to work with. I would highly recommend her.

– Pauline St. Martin, Homeowner (Real Estate Staging, Color Consultations, Spatial Layouts)

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